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What is Photo-Pointy?

Photo-Pointy booking is a photography appointment booking platform for all kinds of events. Photo-Pointy is all about making things easier for photographers, clients, and even employees. In business, relationships and connections are everything. An effective appointment agenda system has a positive impact on business.

How it works?

With Photopointy, customers can select a date, their needs, their location, and their phone number with just a click. Our Photography team will call you to proceed with further details for the completion of the photography booking process. The total cost for each service is selected and calculated in accordance with the terms of the business, will be sent to you through message. You will be sent a Google pay link to pay for the service after our employees have done their tasks. Once the event has ended, one of our employees will send you the acquired RAW footage. We request that you have a 16 GB Pendrive in your hands. Please reach out to our customer service if you need further details. This saves money and time of both and helps us to focus on our services efficiently.


  • Online booking
  • Choose dates and time for appointments
  • Tracking leads and following up with potential customers.
  • An invoice system that automatically sends payment requests (integrates with Google pay)
  • Minimal booking process