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Social Media Management

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the process of creating and scheduling designed content to grow businesses and reach more audiences across social media platforms. Content creation is the fundamental aspect of social media management, the most engaging types of content are Short-form videos, Live videos, User-generated content, GIF's and Images.

How We Make It?

We Yurik Technologies, a leading Social Media Management company in Coimbatore, provide SMM services to all types of business owners. We have launched a new SMM Subscription Service with offers of up to 20%. SMM Service starts from Rs.3000 per month. SMM service packages are available for 3 months with a 10% offer, 6 months with a 15% offer, and 12 months with a 20% offer. In Social Media Management services, we create and schedule the designed content of your business across your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that will earn new audiences for your products/services. We designed content in Long-form videos, Images, User-generated content, and GIFs. Successful Social Media Management can be done in 7 successful steps, which includes setting up a content calendar, creating content, creating graphic templates, write engaging captions, choose effective hashtags, schedule social post, keep up with updates on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.